Intelligent Plant Design | OpenPlant| PlantSight

Interoperable 2D and 3D Plant Design Software

Improve your plant design and operations with a collaborative, intelligent, 2D, and 3D plant design environment based on open ISO 15926 standards. Accelerate your next project with a multi-discipline 3D plant design environment to model piping, HVAC, and electrical components. Increase project team collaboration and speed up review cycles through the interoperability the software provides with open data models. Improve all aspects of your plant lifecycle with an intelligent plant model you can easily share using ISO 15926 open data standard.


  • Conduct 3D interference analysis

    • Increase accuracy with automatic clash detection across 3D piping, structure, equipment, electrical, and HVAC. Use PlantSight to review clash detection and solve clashes prior to construction. 
  • Define and manage plant catalogs and specifications

    • Re-use design data to quickly start projects by managing catalogs and specifications from PDS, AutoPLANT, Smart® Materials, and PlantSpace. Create new catalogs that fit your specific project needs.
  • Define and manage plant objects

    • Reduce errors with intelligent design modeling of piping components and other plant equipment. Extend the capabilities of the software by defining your own tagging convention. Manage and access your plant objects effectively to streamline workflows.
  • Design a 3D plant physical model

    • Provide accuracy and speed that reduces time to construction and eliminates field rework with 3D models. You can use these models for executing greenfield projects, retrofitting designs, and visualizing existing facilities.
  • Manage plant design data

    • Seamlessly integrate with other plant design management applications via project databases. Use a database environment for plant design data across the project team.
  • Manage plant project documents and deliverables

    • Efficiently manage plant design data and deliverables including isometrics, orthographics, piping and instrumentation diagrams, 3D models, and construction deliverables. Share documents across the project team using ProjectWise.
  • Model brownfield plants with point clouds

    • Capture and analyze existing plant condition data to support brownfield projects. Use laser-scanned point-cloud data in context during detailed 3D modeling and design. Perform 3D interference checking with existing condition data. Improve the overall integrity and quality of brownfield projects.
  • Perform collaborative plant engineering

    • Interoperability ensures plant design data and construction deliverables are available anytime for project team members to quickly find, share, and use. The collaborative environment allows users to check out model components, make updates, and check them in.

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